Sajag is the CEO and Founder of Syde—a premium consumer electronics company. Syde is aimed to be the light at the end of the tunnel for millions of people around the world. By penetrating oversaturated markets, Syde differentiates itself by creating beautiful, well-made products and providing an excellent customer-centric atmosphere.

Since 2015, Sajag has worked with product designers, marketing specialists, engineers, and several suppliers to launch Syde’s first product. Taking the ecommerce market by a storm, Syde only continues to grow and is on the verge of releasing tens of more products.



“The future is limitless.” Sajag firmly believes that the future is technology. He envisions a future with new forms of communication, medicine, transportation, science, and social advancements—all made possible through technologic innovation. Just a few years ago, driverless cars were a possibility, yet years off. Tesla now builds a fully self-driving car and Uber is testing a self-driving taxi. The world is changing as technology revolutionizes industries around the world, and Sajag wants to be at the forefront of this change.


The passion to inspire and the ability to create: a synergy that fuels Sajag’s mind and inspires his work. Every century has a revolution: the next revolution will be technological in nature and limitless in scope. Digital technology allows us to literally create something out of nothing — how much more substantial will products be when the creative energy is linked with cutting-edge design and performance!


Collaboration and the free flow of ideas is integral to Syde’s mission. With designers, engineers, supply-chain managers, and product-marketing specialists all providing input into the creative process, every member of the team has a personal and professional investment in our success. Sajag encourages flat-line leadership for maximum participation in the entire process.

Fun Fact #1

When Sajag was young, he was a sandbox game enthusiast. In fact, his first professional venture was his own Minecraft server. He carefully researched the qualities of successful servers and designed one with his own personal atmosphere. In effect, this was Sajag’s first experience with brand development. Within a year, he was leasing dedicated servers and regularly hosted over 500 simultaneous players. Hundreds of players purchased various perks and upgrade packs. His most popular perk allowed players to join an already full server.

Fun Fact #2

Sajag was an early proponent of Apple products. After he loaded MAC OS-10 software onto his parents’ PCs, his parents discovered that they were seeing blue screens more often than their desktop. They decided it would be less expensive to buy their son his own computer rather than continually debugging their home computers.

Fun Fact #3

Sajag’s early experiences as a Boy Scout left a lasting impression. Sajag continues to live by the tenets of the Scout law and has always tried his best to “Be Prepared”. It inspired the design process to many of his cutting-edge products. Additionally, his personal success as a cook stems from the many meals prepared over an open camp fire!